If you, like me, are lucky enough to be experiencing the rare perfection of a sunny, hot day in Northern Europe, then stop right there: I have the perfect drink for you. 

Maru Matcha, watermelon, peach lemonade, served in a tall glass with plenty of ice.

No, this drink doesn't have the characteristic leafy green that most matcha beverages do, and yes, that's totally fine. As much as matcha green tea stands out on its own, it also works beautifully as a spice. Think a dash of espresso in a chocolate cake. 

Here, matcha silently compliments the juiciness of the watermelon and perfumed sweetness of the peaches, barely pronouncing itself, but ever so delicously heightening the flavour of the fruit. 

Trust us on this one. It tastes incredible. And incredibly simple.


Maru Matcha Watermelon Peach Lemonade

Preparation time: Under 5 minutes
Serves 4 people



- 3 Cups of watermelon, cut in chunks, with seeds removed

- 2 Ripe peaches, cut in chunks

- 2 Teaspoons of Maru Matcha No.5 Green Kitchen matcha

- Crushed ice


Blend all the fruit and matcha together until smooth. Pour into glasses already half full with ice, and serve.

 Oh, and this tall drink of lemonade tastes wonderful with a splash of vodka added to it too...

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Need to cool off? Behold: Matcha Watermelon Peach Lemonade

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