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Wow, that went by quickly, didn't it? 2015, I mean.

Last time I checked, it was still October. And yet here we are, quivering in the early light of 2016. I say, bring it on!

If your January is looking anything like the one we're currently experiencing in Berlin, then a new way to drink your favourite hot tea is definitely in order. We've been drinking this orange blossom latte matcha since before "All I Want for Christmas is You" started its annual assault on our ears, and we can safely say that it's become a house favourite.

Fresh, but only in the way an unexpected burst of citrus zest can achieve.

And creamy. Oh-so-creamy. 

I love the pairing of orange blossom, a classic of Persian and North African desserts and a lightly perfumed addition to matcha's umami depth. Feel free to add some sweetness to your latte, but I find that the combination of the drop or two of almond oil, the orange blossom, and the matcha produce a beautifully light, fragrant sweetness when added to milk. 

Ladies and Gents, the orange blossom matcha latte that will get us right through Winter and face Spring with a great big smile. 

The Orange Blossom Matcha Latte

Preparation time: Under 5 minutes


1 tsp. of Maru Matcha No.5 Green Kitchen 

1/2 tsp. of Orange blossom water

1 or 2 drops of almond oil

1 cup of non-dairy milk (we like oat milk here)

3-4 tbsps of hot 65°C (149°F) - 80°C (176°F) water

Honey to taste

Turn on your kettle and, if there's a temperature setting, set it to 75°C. 

Add your milk to a pot and let it warm, whisking vigorously (an electric frother works best here) once the milk becomes warm to the touch. Don't let the milk come to a simmer, the goal here is simply to get a nice foam.

In a matcha chawan or just a regular wide rimmed cup, add your matcha (you'll find that your trusty bamboo scoop will dose out your matcha perfectly here). Next, pour a few tablespoons of hot water over the matcha and add the drops of almond oil and the orange blossom water. Whisk vigorously using your matcha chasen then pour over the warm, frothy milk. Add honey to taste, and enjoy!

orange blossom matcha latte maru matcha

Photo credits: Julia Burlingham

Food styling: Diana Quach

Location: Thirsty Moon teegarten, Berlin


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The orange blossom matcha latte

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