About Maru

At Maru Matcha, we offer only the very best Japanese matcha green tea powder from family-run tea estates in Uji and Ise. 

Maru Matcha was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2014 by three people passionate about tea, healthy living, and healthy, whole foods. Working with our dedicated Japanese team, we leave no rock unturned in our pursuit of the best and most unique matcha available. 

Our Team

Maru Matcha was started in Berlin, Germany in 2014 by Bitsy Knox, Martin Thacker, and Nik Kosmas. We work with a diverse group of talented experts in Germany and Japan to bring our customers the very best matcha available at the very best prices possible.

An artist, personal trainer, and health expert, co-founder Nik Kosmas is Maru's resident expert on the latest in health and wellness, and heads our design and development department.

An entrepreneur, artist, and new dad, co-founder Martin Thacker's expertise lies in making sure Maru Matcha products arrive to your door fresh and on time. Martin heads our sales and logistics department.

An artist, writer, and translator, co-founder Bitsy Knox comes with deep expertise on matcha's history. Bitsy heads our marketing and communications department.

Yoshi works closely with our suppliers in Japan to ensure that Maru Matcha is shipped smoothly, and that each order is of the utmost quality. Yoshi is Maru Matcha's Japanese liaison.

Why Maru?

Whole, Minimally Processed Goodness

Maru Matcha believes in nourishing our bodies with whole, minimally-processed food and drink. The clean, simple nature of matcha is an inspiration to us in itself: Sure, the health benefits of matcha are exciting, but what thrills us most is the way matcha inspires us to think more closely about the way we treat our bodies and minds.

Supporting Sustainability

Matcha green tea benefits not only our bodies, but also its surroundings: We work with some of the pioneers of organic and sustainable farming in Japan, and Maru Matcha is built on the concept that less is more. We avoid excess packaging, and work through the simplest possible routes to avoid unnecessary time and middle-men.

Freshness is Key

Maru Matcha only ships tea from Japan in small batches, which means more work for us, and the freshest possible matcha for you.

Boutique Tea Plantations

We only work with boutique, family-run tea plantations in Japan. All our organic matcha comes from Uji, the oldest and most renowned matcha-producing region in the world.

Minimal Packaging

At the end of the day, we don't need most of the extra packaging that comes wrapped around the products we love. At Maru Matcha, we strive to package our matcha in the safest, most eco-friendly way possible. This means no extra boxes, and no excess plastic. Just vibrantly green matcha perfectly sealed for freshness.

Rigorous Testing

At Maru Matcha, we continuously sample hundreds of varieties of matcha from all over Japan in order to find matcha varieties that suit our meticulous standards. Additionally, we work with our own expert Japanese-language staff, who are able to impart special knowledge and are able to help us build close connections with our suppliers. We promise that the matcha that arrives at your door will do nothing less than exceed your expectations.

Our Suppliers

Maru Matcha works exclusively with family-run tea plantations in Japan. Both our non-organic and organic matcha green tea powders are produced with a balance of tradition and sustainability.

For this reason, we carry out regular controls and demand the strictest certification for our suppliers, including annual pesticides and chemical residue tests, as well as facilities inspections.

Only after hundreds of tastings did we narrow down the teas that we feel best represent Maru Matcha. We continuously monitor our orders from our headquarters in Germany, ensuring that only the most flavorful, colorful, and invigorating matcha reaches your doorstep.